Welcome to Cryptosix Self Defense!

Affordable self defense training in the San Antonio, Texas area.  Our goal and mission is to provide affordable, realistic, and scenario driven self defense and home defense training for all types of demographics with the mixed martial art of Jeet Kune Do.  The instructor, Noah has over 10 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Military, and Martial Arts combined.  We specialize in private lessons but we are also available for scheduled group activities, scheduled classes, seminars, and more.  We train in boxing, kick boxing, close quarters, ground fighting, weapons, 3rd pary protection, mass attack (more than one enemy), bullying, and more.

What can we do for you ?

Maximized Training Time

Cryptosix Self Defense specializes with in-home one-on-one private lessons.More

Life Saving Skills

We teach skills to defend yourself or others in a real life self defense altercation.More

Creative Training Methods

We use unique methods, acronyms, workout plans, and fun to help our instruction be memorable, and efficient.More

Lifelong Building Blocks

We want our clients to feel like they have the confidence and understanding to defend themselves and others.More